NY Mami

me this summer

so my mom coworker told her about this website where u can check if the government owes u money “unclaimed funds” and apparently met life owed us 5, 233 dollars for sum shit and they sent it 2 our old apartment so we never got it… so we jus got a check for 5k…… that she gonna use to buy this apartment in colombia I’m so excited :+)


prob jus replace ny with w/e other state tho



omgaaaa jus took the bed nap of my liFE my mom vacuumed n i din even notice…. feel like a nuuuu ME

When ur mom helps u sew ur hair back on a track

wish i went 2 mega mezcla con alex sensation

my fAVORite beat has 2 be chaka remus & pliers murder she wrote..bes


men are disgusting, creepy, persistent, and entitled and i think they should be exploited for money and gifts at every opportunity given 

(via bronzesugar)

s/o 2 bein bilinguAL

i have a job set up for june in a law office at 15 an hr yay 

fell asleep at 830 passed out in my work clothes wat kind of person am i becoming smh